ATA Softech is software as a service provider, IT consultant and brainstorming group with vast expertise spanning most fields of institutional and human endeavors which leans towards the application of Information Communication Technology to building solutions suitably focusing on Discoveries and Innovative Processes. We are a prime Solutions Provider of Notable Edge Innovative Applications developed to address specific as well as general challenges of everyday life that is exclusively personalized and operative.

Though, currently at beginners’ stage, we are registered and operating in Nigeria, Africa with current partners in London, UK, Germany, and Maryland, U.S. The Company, working assiduously and in partnership with external partners, intends to produce the next generation Software Application integral to all Telecommunication gadgets, Banking sectors and appliances.


To effectively enhance the quality of software development and data analytics as software as a service provider with focus IT research and Management. ATA Softech is customer-centric while focusing on Core value, Professionalism, Excellence, Integrity, Transparency, Data Integrity, Innovation and Equity.


To be a successful global company trusted for service delivery of innovative and value driven software solutions.